Improvements, Iterations, and Working Windows Build

Just uploaded a working Windows build. It took me a while to setup the input mappings to be dynamic based on platform. The KeyCode mappings in Unity are different for controllers based on Windows vs. OS X.

Other new things in this build.

-Added fun, squishy animations for feedback on all player actions/interactions like shoot, aim, reload, collision, ball hit by rocket, etc...

-Increased thrust speed of player and linear drag a bunch which allows you a TON more control of your ship. This was based on feedback that it's hard to hit the ball which is moving while you are also moving and there is no good way to stop your ship. Now you can stop on a dime more or less. Trying it out. Needs play testing. We'll see if its a good change or not, or needs to be tuned one way or the other.

-Decreased the linear drag of the ball a bit so it rolls a bit farther. Doing this to make the game just a bit more fluid and smoothly paced. Hopefully it will get rid of some of the deadlocked back and forth states where one team hits it and the other just bats it back over and over. I think this was a result of the ball moving such a short distance. But we'll see.

-Implemented ability to continue aiming (with laser) while reloading

-Implemented ability to Dash while reloading (now that's much less important with faster default movement though)

-Various bug fixes for both platforms

-Most likely a bunch of other little things I can't remember.


-Online Multiplayer Mode so people can play together online and it is easier to playtest and get feedback so we can iterate faster

-Continued Iteration on Gameplay Improvements, Controls, Mechanics, Different Game Modes. (Lots of ideas I want to explore hear. Looking for feedback to help inform what I work on next)

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Oct 12, 2017

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