Minor Tweaks, Networked Multiplayer a Work In Progress

This build is a pretty minor update.

I made some minor tweaks to the gameplay based on play testing and feedback.

Gave the ball a little less linear drag, so it rolls even farther now. Working to hone in on the right balance of being able to advance the ball far enough and make plays while avoiding it flying too far and too fast and becoming too chaotic and difficult to hit, and the "stale" gameplay caused by the bar constantly being batted back and forth because it doesn't move far enough so one team can't get an advantage to break the "deadlock"

Changed the default settings significantly, after testing and finding the variation that people seem to enjoy the most and that makes for the best gameplay. All the options are still available and 100% customizable if you want to tinker with it. Try stuff, like playing with more than one ball. Maybe you will find something that you really enjoy even more.

I've been working on implementing Networked Multiplayer and realizing it is much more challenging than I anticipated. None of it is user facing in this build. But I have made measurable progress towards getting that implemented. I'd love to give an estimate of when it will be in, but to be honest. I'm not sure how long it will take me since this is my first game where I've done it.

Hope you have fun testing out RocketBall. And as always I'm very interested in hearing your feedback. So please send it along if you have the time. I greatly appreciate it. It helps me out a ton, to make this game better.

What's Next?

Networked Multiplayer. I'm still working on it and determined to get it implemented. It's just taking time.

New gameplay modes, and changes based on feedback. If I get more feedback from people about wanting to see different game modes, or changes to the gameplay, I will be drawing from that to determine what gameplay iterations to work on next.


RocketBall_005_OSX.app.zip 16 MB
Oct 24, 2017
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Oct 24, 2017

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